Spirit Dreaming Green - Designed by Anette Doolan
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Spirit Dreaming Green - Designed by Anette Doolan

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 Indigenous Australians are one among the native people on earth with traditions and customs going back approx. 50000 years. Their belief system is built on their value and respect towards the land and the dreamtime. Though their dreaming about land differs among different groups, the idea of creation from their ancestors stays similar: ancestors and forefathers sprang up from the soil as spirits and started building mountains, rivers, waterholes, trees and garden for future generations. These ancestral spirits are considers the creators and they are part of their day to day lives. Aboriginals see death as a transition to another life. Spirits of these ancestral beings are transferred to a different shape, such as a tree, river, mountain, garden etc.

Anette Doolan comes from Santa Teresa of Central Australia