M&S Textiles Australian Aboriginal Fabrics

M&S Textiles is the largest manufacturer of Australian Aboriginal designs on fabric. They license the artwork showcased on the fabric and pay a fair price to each artist.

The Australian Aboriginal fabric is designed in Australia by talented artists (many without formal training), and printed in South Korea on high quality 100 % cotton from India. It has a lovely silky hand and can be used for quilting, bags, home decor as well as, fun clothing. The fabric is 42" wide.

The vibrant colors and dynamic designs are on every quilter's wish list.

When looking at the fabric, note there are different sizes available from the drop-down menu, each with its own inventory: 1 yard off the bolt, 0.5 yards off the bolt. If you want, say, 2 1/2 yards, choose 0.5 yards off the bolt (1) and 1 yard off the bolt (2). I will cut a 2 1/2 yard continuous piece of fabric for you.