How to use fabric paint and heat set it

So, you are asking, what colors did she use? I used Lemon Yellow, Golden Yellow, Emerald, Key Lime and Navy. You can replace the Navy with Indigo Pearlescent, a most lovely look! The Navy/Indigo serves to make a darker green for some accents in the Dandelion Weed leaves. I watered the paints way down because they have a lot of pigment, and I wanted the watercolor look! My favorite tool for this purpose is an ice cube tray - put a bit of paint into different well, have water in some wells, mix and PLAY!

I put an old towel under my fabric while painting on it, that keeps the "creep" down if a paint is a bit too watery.... Don't be afraid of paint bleeding over the black line - nobody has ever noted the booboos on my quilt!  

Here is the official document from the paint producer: 

PROfab Textile Paint

Please read directions carefully before starting.


PROfab Textile paints are water based pigments designed for easy clean up and application on fiber types, including synthetic blends.  Textile paint contains a binder or adhesive that attaches an insoluble particle of color to the fabric. They do not penetrate the fiber, but are in essence glued to the surface.  Our Textile Paints have a soft hand and are available in intense colors and as transparent, opaque, pearlescent, and fluorescent.


Transparent paints are suitable for white or lightly colored fabric because they blend with the fabric color and look similar to a dye.  Use Opaque paints to cover the color or pattern already on the fabric.  Pearlescent paints have a pearl or metallic sheen while Fluorescent paints are luminous under black lights.  The colors are intermixable.  When heat set properly, they have good light and wash fast properties.

Always test before production runs for adhesion, coverage, washfastness and other specific requirements. For more information visit our website at


Wear an apron or old clothes.  

Never use paint utensils for food preparation.


Stir paints well, before using.


Supplies                                                       Optional Supplies

PROfab Textile Paint                                   Lo Crock Binder



  1. Scour your fabric by machine washing in HOT 140F (60C) water, or by hand as HOT as possible with 2 tsp (1.5 gm) PRO Dye Activator or Soda Ash and 2 tsp (2 ml) Synthrapol per pound of fabric (454 gm, or 3 to 4 yards muslin, or 3 medium T-shirts, or 1 sweatshirt, or 8 yards of 8mm China Silk). Rinse thoroughly, dry and iron as necessary.


  1. Stir textile paint thoroughly. Apply paint directly from the jar to fabric by screen print, block print, hand paint, or stencil.  Air dry textile paint before heat setting.  Clean utensils with soapy water.  If you are printing one color over another, best adherence takes place when wet paint is applied over still damp paint without heat setting in between.  This is known as wet on wet printing.


  1. Heat set fabric paint. After applying paint to fabric, air dry thoroughly and heat set using one of the four methods outlined below.

          Iron at the hottest setting appropriate for your fabric from the back side for 5 minutes OR place a clean dry cloth over the front of the design and iron for 5 minutes.  Do not use steam.  Keep the iron moving to prevent scorching.




          In commercial clothes dryer for 45 to 60 minutes or in a home clothes dryer for 60 to 90 minutes.  Use the hottest setting on the dryer.

           Screen printers dryer for 1 2 minutes set at 350F (180C).

          Loosely roll fabric between layers of unprinted newsprint and place in a dry oven for 2 to 3 minutes at 350F (180C).

  1. Do not wash for 10 to 14 days after fabric is heat set. Wash fabric with lukewarm water, gentle agitation and mild detergent.  If patterned item is a garment, turn it inside out for washing.


To thin paint:

To change paint consistency add Lo Crock Solution.  This also lightens the color of the paint.  Make Lo Crock Solution outlined below.  Mix in a one quart (1 liter) container:

3 cup (750 ml) water

1 cup (250 ml) Lo Crock Binder


Color Mixing:

All PROfab Textile Paints are completely intermixable producing an unlimited rainbow of shades.  Make pastel and medium shades by adding and mixing small quantities of the

paint into the Transparent Extender until desired shade is attained. Remember, since the PROfab paints are color intense, ADD THE PAINT TO THE EXTENDER FOR A LIGHTER SHADE !


Below are just a few color mixing guidelines.


Brilliant Orange  

3 parts Yellow 10

3 part Red 35


2 part Blue 45 1 part Red  35

Blue Violet

12 parts Blue  45

1 part Red 35



3 part Blue  45

2 parts Yellow 10

Grass Green

1  part Blue  45

2  parts Yellow 10


8 Copyright 2013

Dark Green

12 parts Blue  45

1 part Yellow 10



3 part Blue  45

1 part Red 35

3 parts Yellow 10


1 part Blue  45

1 part Red 35

1               part Yellow 10



2               parts White 01 1 part Yellow 10 c part Yellow 12


6 parts White 01 c part Yellow 10

c part Brown 54



2 part White 01 1 part Brown 54

c part Black 60



1 part White 01

1    part Green 76

2    part Blue  45



1 part Green 76 1 part Blue  45 c part Black   60