How to make 24 5-inch Half Square Triangle Blocks from 2 Fat Quarters - EASILY in one fell swoop

Do you dislike making half square triangle blocks as much as I do? Sewing them one by one is a BIG pain, and half the time mine come out not so square. Here is a way to make 24 5-inch half square triangle blocks in ONE GO. Easy and convenient, and usually it comes out much more square than the one by one approach.

I don't claim to have invented the technique, but it is definitely worthwhile spreading all over the place, so we have an easier time making these things. 

Collect two contrasting fat quarters (18"x22"). Press them with a touch of Magic Sizing or Best Press or Spray Starch. Set the darker one aside for the moment and work only on the light one. Mark a grid of 5 3/8" squares on the fat quarter, set 3 wide and 4 tall. With a different color pen (I used Crayola Washable felt pens), mark diagonal lines through all the squares.

Now, layer the two fabrics EXACTLY on top of each other, right sides facing in. Place a straight pin in every triangle, approximately in the middle.

These don't look like squares because of the wonky perspective of the photo!

Next, sew lines parallel to the diagonals, keeping a scant 1/4 seam allowance. I am showing you only four squares in the next picture because that way you get more detail. Sew along the ENTIRE diagonal (short on the onesies, longer on the twosies, longest on the threesie).


Remove all the straight pins next. Get out the rotary cutter and your 24" ruler. 

Cut all the green lines that outline the squares. Once you have 12 squares, sub-cut along the diagonal orange lines. Unpick a few stitches in the very tips of your triangles and voila! You are ready to unfold and press your 5" half square triangles!

 cut along the orange line


VOILA! Almost perfect Half Square Triangle, and 24 of them! Press seam allowances to the darker side and use in your pattern...