Sewing Tips for Simple Elegant Tee

Measure yourself honestly, compare to size chart inside the pattern. 

Trace pattern FOUR SIZES LARGER onto 44" wide interfacing, pattern-ease, Pellon 810 - any fabric that is NOT WOVEN. The reason: you cannot distort a non-woven fabric! If you are a size 24, simply add 2" to the outline and trace onto interfacing.

Cut out, put over your head and pin, baste, try on. When you think it fits right, SEW, try on again. Once it fits just right, mark the sewing line with a sharpie and unsew. Cut 5/8" away from the sewing line for your seam allowance and voila! you have your pattern custom-made to your body. 

A word of caution: This pattern does not have darts. If mother nature has been most generous to you and you wear more than a D cup, you may want to add darts to give the girls room to breathe (if you know how to do that). If that is not a choice, consider using a different pattern better designed for your needs.