Washing Hand dyed Rayon

All fabrics have been dyed with non-toxic fiber reactive dyes and have been rinsed and washed numerous times. No need to prewash or set with vinegar. The fabric is PRESHRUNK - my last wash is always in 140 degree F water to make sure it is ready to go.

Rayon is week when it is wet, please hand wash your garment in cold water or put it in a lingerie bag when using the delicate/hand wash cycle of your washing machine. Wash with similar colors. Warm dryer is ok, low setting on iron if necessary. If you hang up your garment while it is wet, you risk having stretch marks from the hanger, dryer is better.

If you fear bleeding, set in a bucket of lukewarm water overnight, repeat until water remains clear. 

A word of caution for all colors that contain red (purple, browns): red dye particles are lazy buggers, they don't want to attach themselves entirely to the fabric. That results in bleeding that literally never stops. When washing these colors, add a color catcher to your wash.