Flowers in the desert Black - Designed by Lauren Doolan
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Flowers in the desert Black - Designed by Lauren Doolan

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Australian Outback is vast and displays a very harsh climate, with extreme temperatures and almost no rainfall. Occasionally, when it rains, this deserted land showcases its prominence with the blossoms of beautiful flowers. The Aboriginal people consider this as a blessing and celebrate the blossom of wild flowers, pods and bush beds at their traditional rituals and corroborree (gatherings). Aboriginal Women decorate themselves with these wildflowers, daisies and bush leaves when they gather for dancing, singing, corroborree and storytelling. Some of these wildflowers are considered a representation of their spiritual ancestors in beautiful appearances. With winds and currents, these wildflowers sing, entertain and relax people of the land with their fragrance and angelic view. 

Laura Doolan comes from Santa Terese of Central Australia