Man and Goanna Brown Australian Aboriginal fabric by Gary Reid depicts a nice collection of orange brown goannas on a black background, adorned with brown leaves and brown and turquoise flowers
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Man & Goanna Brown Australian Aboriginal Fabric by Gary Reid

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Man and Goanna Brown Australian Aboriginal Fabric by Gary Reid features an attractive array of Goannas in this beautiful design. This Australian Aboriginal fabric is printed on 100 % high quality cotton from India. It is ideally suited for quilting, home decor, garments or any other crafty item you may choose. 

Gary Reid is a popular and skilled designer. His designs are colourful, neat and bold. His works are well defined and very attractive. He comes from the northern side of Australia. There are about thirty different types and sizes of goanna available in the world. However, Australia alone has got more than 20 goanna species. The largest size of goanna is native to Australia. Except for Tasmania, all the other states of Australia have various types of goannas. They accustomed to surviving in varied climate conditions. In Australia, the blue tongue goanna is very popular. It is widely seen in Northern territory. Gary Reid presented his design work professionally. His design is very attractive and to enhance his design profile he skilfully incorporated digging sticks, boomerang, waterhole, men and women as visitors. Gary’s designs are praiseworthy.