Alura Seed Dreaming Yellow Aboriginal Fabric by Karen Bird features the seeds arranged in circles, yellow, blue, pink on a black background
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Alura Seed Dreaming Yellow Australian Aboriginal Fabric by Karen Bird

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Alura Seed Dreaming Yellow is an Australian Aboriginal fabric designed by Karen Bird. She depicted the Alura Seed in yellow, arranged in circles surrounded by decorations in pink and blue. This attractive Australian Fabric has a black background and is perfect for quilting, home decorations, garments or bags/totes. The Australian Aboriginal fabric is printed on 100 % high thread count cotton from India and has a lovely soft hand. The fabric is 44” wide.

Karen Bird is a skillful artist from Utopia. Her artwork is neat and attractive. Karen’s artwork with the wonderful depiction of Alura Seed flourishes her as an unparalleled artistic talent. In this artwork, Karen depicted the change of seeds from one season to another. The growth of the seed changes from winter to summer and again from summer to winter. The seed glow change is shown clearly, and the change of season is shown along with it.