Australian Aboriginal Fabric Bush Medicine 2 Blue by Narelle Kitson depicts bright blue leaves on a navy background with white flowers that represent the natural leaves used in traditional medicine
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Bush Medicine 2 Blue Australian Aboriginal Fabric by Narelle Kitson

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Bush Medicine 2 Blue Australian Aboriginal Fabric by Narelle Kitson depicts the leaves and flowers that the medicine men of Australia have long used in the cure of common ailments. This Australian Aboriginal Fabric is attractive in its bright blue colors and moving design. It will look good in a quilt, home decorating project, garment, or craft projects. The 100 % cotton Australian Aboriginal fabric has a soft hand and a high thread count, it is 42" wide.  

Aboriginal people of Australia have identified numerous natural remedies for common sicknesses. In every Aboriginal community across Australia, you could find a ‘Medicine Man’ (doctor) and/or a ‘Spiritual Doctor’. While the Spiritual Man heals the ill by identifying the spiritual discord and by performing a traditional ritual to cease the sickness, the Medicine Man offers the right medicinal plant mixed with animal fats, to the person in need. Animal fats aid in dissolving these medicinal herbs inside the body and helps in speedy recovery.

Native herbs are chosen in the process of healing by the Medicine Man. Some of these herbs are easily found but some are seasonal making them hard to acquire. For this and various other reasons, the Medicine Man is also referred to Bush Clinician. A few of these medicinal formulas were also documented. A few of the bush medicines are Sticky hopbush, Beach bean, Mud, Sand etc.

Narelle Kitson comes from Willowra Community of Central Australia. She belongs to Nangarrai family and speaks Warlpiri language. Her dreamings mainly involve Sandhill, Medicine, Bush Food etc